In modern installations, in addition to an effective heating device, it is also important to choose the right heat emitter. A properly designed underfloor heating system and its precise control ensures high thermal comfort. The Euroster control system consists of a control bar, thermoelectric heads and temperature controllers.

Which heat source to use and which solution to ensure thermal comfort to choose is a difficult decision for the investor. The company's offer includes products for controlling central heating boilers and central heating pumps. and coal stoves and fireplaces. Choosing the right heat emitter is also an important decision. In addition to traditional, channel and convector radiators, underfloor heating is becoming more and more popular. A properly designed installation and selection of accessories dedicated to this type of control ensure high comfort for the user. The underfloor heating control system consists of a strip controlling the central heating boiler, thermoelectric heads controlling the circuits and temperature regulators responsible for maintaining the correct temperature in the rooms.