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Euroster UNI4 is a universal weather controller for independent control of heating systems with 2 heat sources and 2 heating circuits with mixing valves (e.g. radiator and floor heating). Advanced control algorithms ensure trouble-free operation of the installation, and the graphic display and multifunction knob - intuitive and friendly operation of the controller. Euroster UNI4 has a number of useful functions and an anti-stall anti-stop pump system that prevents seizing of the unused pump impeller. After the end of the heating season, the system automatically starts the pump every two weeks for 30 seconds (for the system to work after the season, the controller should be left turned on).




EUROSTER UNI4 – instrukcja obsługi.pdf
EUROSTER UNI4 – karta katalogowa.pdf
EUROSTER UNI4 - user manual.pdf
EUROSTER UNI4 – deklaracja zgodności.pdf

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Euroster UNI4


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