Product description

Heater and fan coil control

Euroster Q8TXRX is a modern, wireless temperature controller to control the operation of fan coil units, water air heaters, duct heaters and blower heating. Perfect for temperature regulation, both in residential and utility rooms. Q8TXRX is equipped with a number of useful functions, e.g. automatic summer / winter time change, manual operation, heating off after the heating season, air circulation function. It has smooth fan speed control (analog output 0-10V proportional control).



  • Smooth fan speed control (analog output 0-10V proportional control)
  • Heating and cooling valve servo control
  • Bidirectional radio communication ensures high operational reliability and resistance to interference
  • Precise information about the level of the radio signal makes it easier to determine the maximum range
  • Intuitive temperature setting knob
  • 9 time ranges per day with any temperatures - up to 63 settings per week
  • Simultaneous display of current and target temperatures on the screen
  • Overtaking - early activation of heating to reach the set temperature at the desired time
  • The air conditioning can be turned on automatically
  • Additional control input - possibility of lowering the set temperature
  • The controller is completely or partially blocked with any 4-digit PIN code
  • Maintaining transmission settings and parameters in the event of a power failure to the receiver
  • A number of useful functions: automatic change to summer and winter time, manual operation, heating off after the heating season, air circulation function


EUROSTER Q8TXRX – instrukcja obsługi.pdf
EUROSTER Q8TXRX – karta katalogowa.pdf
EUROSTER Q8TXRX – deklaracja zgodności.pdf

Technical data

Euroster Q8TXRX

Controlled device fan coil units, water air heaters, duct heaters, blown heating
Regulator supply voltage 3 V (2 AA alkaline batteries)
Receiver power supply voltage 24 V DC
Maximum power consumption of the receiver 1.4 watts
Receiver output - fan (analog) 0-10
Receiver output - valve actuators 24 V DC
Maximum load - valve actuators 2 A 24 V DC
Maximum load - fan 2 A 24 V DC
Reach up to 20 m (in built-up areas)
Temperature measurement range from -9.9 ° C to 99 ° C
Temperature adjustment range - room mode from + 5 ° C to + 35 ° C
Accuracy of temperature regulation and display 0.1 ° C
Hysteresis range from 0.2 ° C to 5 ° C
Visual signaling of the regulator backlit LCD displays
Working temperature from + 5 ° C to + 40 ° C
Storage temperature from 0 ° C to 45 ° C
Level of security IP 20
The color of the regulator white
Receiver color Gray
The way of mounting the regulator support
Receiver mounting method cabinet (35 mm DIN rail, 4 modules)
Controller weight without batteries 114 g
Receiver weight 111 g
Standards, approvals, certificates compliance with the EMC, LVD, RED, RoHS directives
Warranty 2 years
Regulator class IV
Participation in energy efficiency 2%
Controller dimensions: width / height / depth (Mm) 82/82 / 35.6
Receiver dimensions: width / height / depth (Mm) 71/90/58
Equipment Euroster Q8TX regulator with stand, RX receiver, instruction manual and assembly with warranty, alkaline batteries

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